In my document I use biblatex with biber as a backend and the APA style. Now, I have two different articles by the same author and would like to cite them such that the output is:

Author (year_x, year_y) and not Author (year_x), Author (year_y)

which is what:






gives me. What is the most convenient way to get the desired result?

  • \textcite{<key1>,<key2>}, but then you can't have pre- and postnotes for both of them. – moewe Jul 20 '18 at 14:54
  • What do you mean by pre- and postnotes, though? I guess it is related to adding pages to each citation because that now only works for the latter of the two citations. What is the best way to achieve my desired output still allowing me to add pages to each entry? – apitsch Jul 20 '18 at 15:00
  • Indeed, you can have \textcites[7]{<key1>}[8]{<key2>} but you can't do the same thing with \textcite{<key1>,<key2>}, the postnote will always stick to the end. The standard style style=authoryear-comp gives a slightly nicer output, I will see if I can convince biblatex-apa to do the same. (Double check if this complies with APA style guidelines.) – moewe Jul 20 '18 at 15:02

You can use


but as mentioned in the comments this can't deal with multiple pre- and postnotes.

The standard style style=authoryear-comp also give good output with


and you should be able to get the same with biblatex-apa if you apply the following tweaks









enter image description here

If you think this is a feature the style should have (especially if you can point to a rule in the APA style guide that requires this), please open a feature request at https://github.com/plk/biblatex-apa/issues

  • Thank you very much for your help - it works as desired. I will have a look what the APA style guide says with regard to this issue. – apitsch Jul 20 '18 at 15:46
  • Sorry for coming back to this. How should I adapt your macros such that \textcites[7]{knuth:ct:a}[8]{knuth:ct:b} gives Knuth (1984, p.7; 1986, p. 8)? I am asking because the comma can become misleading in the case of \textcites[7]{knuth:ct:a}{knuth:ct:b} which would give (1984, p.7, 1986). – apitsch Jul 26 '18 at 11:19
  • @apitsch On first glance that looks a bit more tricky, please ask a new question about it, maybe someone else can step in, or I can have a look later. BTW: Did you double check with your APA manual? Is this a requirement that should be reported to the biblatex-apa developer? – moewe Jul 26 '18 at 11:56
  • regarding the APA style guide: My resource is the German book "Lern- und Arbeitsstrategien" by Christoph Metzger which for the case of quoting several works by the same author according to APA recommends to cite them as follows: (Author, year of first publication, year of second publication) or Author (year of first publication, year of second publication). However this is not the official style guide. – apitsch Jul 26 '18 at 19:33
  • Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find any guidelines for the case of citing two works of the same author one of which with a page reference. I do not know whether the works should be separated by a comma or a colon in this case. – apitsch Jul 26 '18 at 19:36

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