Can someone help me understand this error message and how to fix it? I don't understand why it thinks it needs to insert a $. The error message is given below.


\[ \neg x_1 \wedge \neg x_2 \wedge x_3 \wedge \neg x_4 = 
 \Tree[.\wedge [.\wedge [.\wedge [.\wedge \top [.\neg x_1 ] ] [.\neg x_2 ] ] x_3 ] [.\neg x_4 ] ] \]


Here is the error message.

! Missing $ inserted.
<inserted text> 
l.8 ...wedge [.\wedge [.\wedge \top [.\neg x_1 ] ]
                                                   [.\neg x_2 ] ] x_3 ] [.\n...

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Probably the nodes of the tree is set in text mode (even if the tree is inside a math environment), so you need $ .. $ throughout.


\neg x_1 \wedge \neg x_2 \wedge x_3 \wedge \neg x_4 = 
            [.$\wedge \top$ [.$\neg x_1$ ] ]
            [.$\neg x_2$ ]
          ] $x_3$
        ] [.$\neg x_4$ ]


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