In reading about TeX's hyphenation algorithm, I found the tex-hyphen repo with a bunch of patterns listed (over 4,000 in that file). The answer on the hyphenation algorithm suggested that they compile and generate these patterns from existing dictionaries from publishers. I imagine these to be, rather than TeX hyphenation patterns, individual hyphenation examples such as exa-mple for "example" or whatever. How the hyphenation points are determined I have no idea, seems like it is on a per-word basis without a clear science (hence the patterns).

So I wanted to see if there exists these dictionaries of the hyphenation examples (as opposed to the hyphenation patterns). Wondering if one could list some resources where they may be found, or if none then knowing they are private or whatever would be helpful.

  • This answer suggests that hyphenation examples should be a common feature of ordinary dictionaries. Indeed, consider the second line here. I can't tell whether ex·am·ple is the hyphenation pattern, the syllable pattern, or if there is even much of a distinction between the two. – preferred_anon Jul 23 '18 at 8:36

The UK English ones were made available at the time by Oxford University press just for making the tex patterns and not generally available, The US English ones were produced using the hyphenation of Webster's Pocket Dictionary (Merriam, 1966) as referenced in the texbook

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