I am using the package biblatex-chicago with option authordate for citations.

Some of the authors and works that I cite are part of the structure of sentences, so I cannot use straightforward commands like \textcite and the like.

However, I still want the year to be displayed in round brackets and hyperlinked to the bibliography. My solution would be to cite the author or work with either \citeauthor or \citetitle in the appropriate place within the sentence, and then put a \cite* command inside round brackets to get the desired effect.

This usually works fine, but things get complicated when bibliographic entries have an additional origdate field, as this is printed in round brackets too instead of square brackets.

In short, what I'd need is a hypothetical “parenciteyear” command that takes round brackets into account and behaves accordingly.


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biblatex also has a starred version of \parencite. Use


to get a parenthetic citation without author name.



  author        = {Kullback, Solomon},
  title         = {Information Theory and Statistics},
  year          = 1997,
  publisher     = {Dover Publications},
  location      = {New York},
  origdate      = 1959,
  origpublisher = {John Wiley \& Sons},

\parencite{kullback:reprint} but \parencite*{kullback:reprint}

enter image description here

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