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\plot [Triangle-o,smooth,very thick,domain=11:-11]{-0.1*x+1.7};
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Provided that your code is TikZ or pgfplots, the open circle arrow head can be obtained from the arrows.meta library with Circle[open].

\draw[very thin] (-11,-11) grid (11,11);
\draw[thick] (-11,-11) rectangle (11,11);
\draw[{Triangle[]-Triangle}] (-11,0) -- (11,0);
\draw[{Triangle[]-Triangle}] (0,-11) -- (0,11);
\foreach \X in {1,...,10}
{\draw [thin] (0.1,\X) -- (-0.1,\X) node[left,font=\tiny,fill=white,inner sep=0pt]{\X};
\draw [thin] (0.1,-\X) -- (-0.1,-\X) node[left,font=\tiny,fill=white,inner sep=0pt]{-\X};
\draw [thin] (\X,0.1) -- (\X,-0.1) node[below,font=\tiny,fill=white,inner sep=0pt]{\X};
\draw [thin] (-\X,0.1) -- (-\X,-0.1) node[below,font=\tiny,fill=white,inner sep=0pt]{-\X};}
\draw[{Triangle}-{Circle[open]},very thick] plot [domain=11:-11,variable=\x]

enter image description here

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