I am not getting why I get an error in there :


        \tkzTabInit[lgt=5,espcl=2.5]{$x$ /0.6,$-12x^2+4$ /0.6,$(x^2+1)^3$/.6,$f''(x)$ /.6,$f(x)$/1.2}{$-\infty$, $-\frac{\sqrt{3}}3$,$\frac{\sqrt3}3$,$+\infty$}
        \draw ($(Z14) + (3mm,0)$) to[out=40,in=140] ($(Z24) + (-3mm,0)$);
        \draw ($(Z24) + (3mm,0)$) to[out=-40,in=-140] ($(Z34) + (-3mm,0)$);
        %\draw ($(Z34) + (3mm,0)$) to[out=40,in=140] ($(Z44) + (-3mm,0)$);

If you uncomment the line\draw ($(Z34) + (3mm,0)$) to[out=40,in=140] ($(Z44) + (-3mm,0)$); there is an issue and I don't get why.

Looking at the doc, that (Z44) node should exist.

If anyone has a clue ... Thanks in advance.

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  • Add two more commas to \tkzTabLine{,,,,}, i.e., change it to \tkzTabLine{,,,,,,}. All your TabLines have 7 entries and therefore 6 commas. Z44 only exists if the corresponding table entry is created. – gernot Aug 2 '18 at 13:10
  • I feel stupid now. Thanks. But I thought that if one line had 7 entries, all would have. – HerculePoivrot Aug 2 '18 at 13:31
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    I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it was solved in the comments. – Bobyandbob Jan 27 at 10:50

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