I just recently found the CAS-application SageMath. SageMath has a TeX plugin called SageTex, and I would like to use this with the TeX editor TeXstudio, however I am quite a noob, so I don't know how I add a command to run the TeX document through sagemath. Please help a newbie. Screenshots of the how-to would also greatly be appreciated :)

  • 1. Sagetex is a package for LaTeX; it won't work unless you have Sage installed on your computer. 2. If Sage is on your computer, compilation is 3 steps as explained here. An IDE allows you to reduce the 3 step process to pressing a button, such as with TeXmaker here. 3. Sagemath is now CoCalc; sign up for a free account and you don't need Sage. This is the quickest way. – DJP Aug 5 '18 at 2:01
  • @DJP - regarding point 3 in your comment... SageMath is still SageMath. It's free software for mathematics, that can be installed on one's computer, or used online. CoCalc is an online platform where one can use a remote computer running Ubuntu, with a lot of free software pre-installed, including, but not limited to, SageMath. It also has collaborative features and course management features. CoCalc started under the name SageMathCloud, and was renamed in part to avoid the confusion. – Samuel Lelièvre Aug 26 '18 at 16:32
  • I didn't know that, thanks. Think the name change caused more confusion, at least for me. – DJP Aug 27 '18 at 15:24

The documentation page

has the instructions on how to find the relevant files in your Sage installation and where to copy them so that they get picked up by LaTeX when you \usepackage{sagetex}.

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