This is a rather specific question I have had for years now but I always just implemented a crummy manual solution.

I want my section headings to look like this. That being the section is in small caps (which has a rule on both sides)

                      -------------A CENTERED SECTION------------

The following causes this, with the after-rule not in the same line.

                      -------------A CENTERED SECTION


And this change produces the proper structure, but it is not centered.

 -------------A NOT CENTERED SECTION------------


Another curriosity is that the other shape options seem to break all the formatting content, even the color.

For reference, from titlesec.pdf

\titleformat{ 〈 command 〉 }[ 〈 shape 〉 ]{ 〈 format 〉 }{ 〈 label 〉 }{ 〈 sep 〉 }{ 〈 before-code 〉 }[ 〈 after-code 〉 ]


With two rules 2 inches long, your title must be really short to make everything fit on a line (or your paper sheet very wide)!

Anyway, here is a possibility with rules 1.5 in long, only \huge size, and the block style:


\titleformat{\section}[block]{\filcenter\color{SteelBlue}\centering\bfseries\scshape\huge}{\rule[0.5ex]{1.5in}{0.5pt}}{0.5em}{#1\enspace \rule[0.5ex]{1.5in}{0.5pt}}



 \section{A Test Section}



enter image description here

  • I am confused, why did you use {} instead of [] for the after-code? – Bob Aug 4 '18 at 17:55
  • I think I see what you did. Instead you used the label section in place of before-code and the before-code section in place of after-code. – Bob Aug 4 '18 at 18:54
  • @Bob: I didn't really use any after-code: I only used the 4th argument of \titleformat, anf the explicit optionsq lets me write the code for a small rule after the title. – Bernard Aug 4 '18 at 19:00

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