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I'm new to latex. It has been now almost one month trying to learn for my thesis. If I had a problem I would just type it here, and finally get the solution. But with this command autocite it is always problematic. It is now been 4 days trying to figure it out. Well I switched from natbib to biblatex and even biber. Everything works fine and I had my bibliography and I used the style verbose. But when I try to use the command autocite it doesn't show them.

On the other hand, I worked with footcite it gives me the citation in footnotes, which I do not understand. But I don't know why this command do not work in my .tex file even though I switch to biblatex and biber.

An example of what i did

\frenchbsetup{FrenchFootnotes=false}%more common footnote style
\usepackage{fnpct}%just a cool package for nice footnotes
\usepackage[nottoc]{tocbibind} %to disply bibliography in the table contents




Some texte\cite{cdechow_2017}  

some texte\footcite[p.12]{brown_corporat_2016}



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