How to change my bibligraphy style? I have always used the IEEE standard bibliographic style but reading some document I found a new style thet I like so much.

In this document instead putting the reference number beetween the square brackets there is a text like the bibtex abbreviation that is more easy to remember!

The document is the following, what is this bibliography style? enter image description here


If you are using bibtex, you can issue the command \bibliographystyle{alpha} to format your bibliography in this manner (pursuant to the alpha.bst bibliography style). An example is included below.

enter image description here

The quantum nature of blackbody radiation\cite{Planck1901}, general theory of relativity\cite{Einstein1916}, theory of superconductivity\cite{BCS1957}, CP violation of the weak interaction\cite{KM1973}\ldots
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Where $style_name can be selected from the following (might not be up to date) list of built in styles

  1. ieeetr
  2. unsrt
  3. IEEE
  4. ama
  5. cj
  6. nar
  7. nature
  8. phjcp
  9. is-unsrt
  10. plain
  11. abbrv
  12. acm
  13. siam
  14. jbact
  15. amsplain
  16. finplain
  17. IEEEannot
  18. is-abbrv
  19. is-plain
  20. annotation
  21. plainyr
  22. decsci
  23. jtbnew
  24. neuron
  25. cell
  26. jas99
  27. abbrvnat
  28. ametsoc
  29. apalike
  30. jqt1999
  31. plainnat
  32. jtb
  33. humanbio
  34. these
  35. chicagoa
  36. development
  37. unsrtnat
  38. amsalpha
  39. alpha
  40. annotate
  41. is-alpha
  42. wmaainf
  43. alphanum
  44. apasoft

as well as some other styles which you can download from the Internet which are free for private use but not for professional use. It really depends where you are going to send the paper. I usually use alphanum while working on the paper and then make a switch to whatever is appropriate.

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