I am writing a document that compiles a collection of abstracts, and so I want to use \maketitle repeatedly. I'm using the titling package along with authblk to get multiple author affiliations, following the answer to this question: Package clash between authblk and titling

But when I have a long list of authors I don't get a line break and the author list is off-center and in the margins. Is there something in the \myinput function that is breaking my line break?

\title{First File}
\author[2]{B. Second\thanks{B@Second}}
\author[1]{A. Gonzales\thanks{A@Gonzales}}
\author[1]{C. Robin}
\author[2]{W. Pooh}
\author[1]{E.E. Yore}
\author[1,2]{C. Dosch}

\affil[1]{Test A}
\affil[2]{Test B}

\Content{Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut ornare ante nec tellus varius, nec mattis felis pretium. Ut auctor lectus at blandit dictum.}


\newcommand*\myinput[1]{% convenience command
\def\maketitle{\AB@maketitle}% modified from authblk.sty


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