I'm typesetting my dissertation with the Memoir class, and I would like to use the Thatcher Chapter Style included in Memoir. However, I realized Memoir chapter styles only affect the title of chapters, and not the headings and subheadings.

Is there such a thing as a Thatcher style for these lower-level elements? If not, what would be the most efficient way of implementing them in Memoir?



  • It's not clear what you would want them to look like. I assume you don't want "Section 1" on its own line followed a rule and a centred title. But once you've decided, you need to use the regular memoir sectioning formatting tools to create centred titles. See e.g. p 94ff in the memoir manual, especially Example 6.1 (p. 98, code on p.97). – Alan Munn Aug 7 '18 at 16:13
  • @AlanMunn Thank you for the reference to Example 6.1 – Peter Wilson Aug 7 '18 at 19:30

Assuming that you want your sectional titles centered to match the Thatcher chapterstyle then, following the code of example 6.1 in the manual (> texdoc memoir), try along the following lines:

\setsecheadstyle{\large\centering\MakeUppercase} % centered Uppercase section
\setsubsecheadstyle{\scshape\centering} % centered small caps subsection
\setsubsubsecheadstyle{\large\centering} % centered large subsubsection

It is up to you to decide what you think should be Thatcher styles for headings below \chapter, the above is just a suggestion, but memoir provides the tools for you to specify your own.

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