I want to draw architecture diagram in latex as in image belowenter image description here

So I tried with simple TikZ code as below


  modulematrix/.style={draw=blue!50!red,rounded corners,matrix of nodes,row sep=1cm,column sep=1cm,nodes={draw=green!70,align=center,font=\sffamily},inner ysep=0.5cm},
  module/.style={rounded corners, align=center, font=\sffamily, thick},
  simple module/.style={module, top color=blue!10, bottom color=blue!35, draw=blue!75, text width=40mm, minimum height=15mm},
  module down arrow/.style={module arrow, shape border rotate=-90},
  module right arrow/.style={module arrow},
module arrow/.style={single arrow, single arrow head extend=2.5mm, draw=gray!75, inner color=gray!20, outer color=gray!35, thick, shape border uses incircle, anchor=tail,minimum height=0.7cm},
\node [simple module] (mA) {Item-1};
\matrix[modulematrix,below=of mA,label={[anchor=south]below:Item-2}] (mB) {Item-3 & Item-4 \\};
\matrix[modulematrix,right=of mB,nodes={text width=5cm,align=center},label={[anchor=north]above:Module C}] (mC) {Item-5 \\ Item-6 \\};
\matrix[modulematrix,below=of mC,label={[anchor=south]below:Item-9}] (mD) {Item-7 & Item-8 \\};

\foreach \n in {mA,mC-1-1,mC,mD}
  \node[module down arrow,below=1mm of \n] {};

\foreach \n in {mB-1-1,mB,mD-1-1}
  \node[module right arrow,right=1mm of \n] {};

But I couldn't modify the code as per my expected architecture diagram. So please anyone guide me to modify the code to get my expected diagram.. Thanks in advance..


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Fot this scheme, there's no need for matrix nodes, just some regular nodes placed with positioning library and some fit nodes will solve the problem.

Here is my code with some comments inside:


        draw, rounded corners,
        minimum width=#1,
        minimum height=7mm,

    % This will show the frame around the figure
    show background rectangle]

    % Place first 6 items
    \node[module] (I1) {Item-1};
    \node[module, below=of I1] (I2) {Item-2};
    \node[module, below=of I2] (I3) {Item-3};
    \node[module=1cm, below=8mm of I3] (I5) {Item-5};
    \node[module=1cm, left= 3mm of I5] (I4) {Item-4};
    \node[module=1cm, right= 3mm of I5] (I6) {Item-6};
    % Inner box around Items 3-6
    \node[fit=(I3) (I4) (I6), draw, inner sep=2mm] (fit3) {};
    % Outer box around all left items
    \node[fit=(fit3) (I1), draw, inner sep=2mm] (fit1) {};
    % Connections
    \foreach \i in {4,5,6}
        \draw[->] (I3)--(I\i);
    \draw[->] (I2)--(I1);
    \draw[->] (I2)--(fit3);

    % Items 7-8-9. Item 7 as label of Item-8
    \node[module, right=2cm of {I2-|fit1.east}, 
        label={[yshift=5mm, font=\sffamily]Item-7}] 
        (I8) {Item-8};
    \node[module, below=of I8] (I9) {Item-9};
    %outer box around items 8-9
    \node[fit={(I9) (I9|-fit1.south) (I9|-fit1.north)}, draw, inner xsep=5mm, inner ysep=-\pgflinewidth] (fit8) {};

    %arrow between boxes
    \draw[<->,dashed] (fit1)--(fit8);

    %upper label
    \path (fit1.north east)--node[above=3mm, font=\sffamily\bfseries] (arc) {Architecture} (fit8.north west);


enter image description here

  • Thank for your kind response lgnasi.. This one I expected and its little bit easy to understand and modifiable .. But, in my system it shows error as can't find file '\usetikzlibrary{positioning,fit,arrows.meta,backgrounds}' .. So please guide me as how to install the above package in latex.. thanks Aug 10, 2018 at 11:31
  • @user1999109 You need a recent LaTeX system and pgf package which is the ctan name for TiKZ. If it doesn't work, try with an online service like overleaf.
    – Ignasi
    Aug 10, 2018 at 11:36
  • ok sure.. I will try online editor.. thanks.. Aug 10, 2018 at 23:05

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