I am trying to enter a list of authors and affiliations in a document with achemso class, but I am new to LaTeX and can't figure how for to get the right affiliation with the right person... There are 5 authors and 6 affiliations:

Author1 (affiliation 1,2,3), Author 2 (affiliation 4,5), Author 3 (affiliation 2,6), Author 4 (affiliation 2,6), Author 5 (affiliation 1,2,3,4)

The list is quite complex and I don't know how to include all of them properly. Any suggestions?

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It's just a case of 'fill in the blanks':


\affiliation{Place 1}
\alsoaffiliation{Place 2}
\alsoaffiliation{Place 3}

\affiliation{Place 4}
\alsoaffiliation{Place 5}

\affiliation{Place 2}
\alsoaffiliation{Place 6}

\affiliation{Place 2}
\alsoaffiliation{Place 6}

\affiliation{Place 1}
\alsoaffiliation{Place 2}
\alsoaffiliation{Place 3}
\alsoaffiliation{Place 4}

\title{Some things we did}

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