The question is regarding the first plural usage of acronyms. Consider the following MWE



\newacronym{adc}{ADC}{Analog to Digital Converter}


In this work, a new model of \gls{adc} has been designed. blah blah ....

% lots of text here and finally we reach conclusion section where the 
% following sentences appear

This design exercise was motivated by the fact that the current crop of 
\glspl{adc} fail to bring aliens down to earth..... blah blah...

Results indicate that compared to the existing bunch of \glspl{adc}, 
this design is the best thing since slided bread. While other \glspl{adc} 
were sub-optimal in blah blah ....


When this MWE is run with pdflatex, it will expand the first use of the acronym. In all subsequent uses, the plural form of the acronym will be typeset, but without expansion as expected.

Now, my PhD advisor has an unusual request. They would like the first plural usage of acronyms to be treated the same as the first usage of that acronym, i.e. need to expand them.

How can one achieve this using glossaries-extra?

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