I had an old presentation in beamer that I wanted to update. It worked previously, but now, when I run it, I get an error:

!Undefined control sequence.
1.1 \beamer@endinputifotherversion

Here is a minimal example

\documentclass{beamer} {
  \mode<presentation> {
  % or ...

  % or whatever (possibly just delete it)

% or whatever

% or whatever

% Or whatever. Note that the encoding and the font should match. If T1
% does not look nice, try deleting the line with the fontenc.

\lstloadlanguages{SAS} \lstset{language = SAS}

\setbeamercolor{navigation symbols}{fg = white, bg = white}
\setbeamercolor{sectionintoc}{fg = white}

\title[PROC LOGISTIC: Traps for the unwary] % (optional, use only with long paper titles)
{PROC LOGISTIC: Traps for the unwary}

\author{Peter L. Flom}
% - Use the \inst{?} command only if the authors have different
%   affiliation.

\institute[Peter Flom Consulting] % (optional, but mostly needed)
{Peter Flom Consulting}

\date[Short Occasion] % (optional)
September, 2008}

% This is only inserted into the PDF information catalog. Can be left
% out.

\AtBeginSection[] {

% If you wish to uncover everything in a step-wise fashion, uncomment
% the following command:



  % You might wish to add the option [pausesections]

\frametitle{Introduction - 1}
\item  This paper covers some `gotchas' in
SAS\textsuperscript\textregistered\ PROC LOGISTIC.
\item  A `gotcha' is a mistake where the program runs, there
may be a note or a warning, but no errors.
\item  Output appears. But it's the wrong output.
\item  Not a primer on PROC LOGISTIC, nor on logistic regression.

\frametitle{Introduction - 2}
Each section has several subsections.
\item The `gotcha'.
\item An example.
\item Evidence you have that it occurs.
\item How to fix it  --- sometimes with references
\item Explanation (where needed)


I have no clue what is wrong here.

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    Have a look at this answer. Aug 17, 2018 at 13:37
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    Your file compiles fine for me. But I am very suspicious of those { in the beginning of your file... Aug 17, 2018 at 13:37


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