Ideally, I would like to squeeze all of the exponentials under this integral together so that everything doesn't look so spaced out. My latex is

e^{e^{e^{e^{e^{e^{e^{e^x}}}}}}} e^{e^{e^{e^{e^{e^{e^x}}}}}} 
e^{e^{e^{e^{e^{e^x}}}}} e^{e^{e^{e^{e^x}}}} e^{e^{e^{e^x}}} e^{e^{e^x}} 
e^{e^x} e^x \exd x

which results in this:

enter image description here


Maybe this one:


    e\prg_replicate:nn { #1 - 1 } { ^\c_group_begin_token \scriptstyle e }
    ^{ \scriptstyle x }
    \prg_replicate:nn { #1 - 1 } { \c_group_end_token }




but I'd use different notation.

enter image description here

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