Update: By adding \def\emojione{\scalerel*{\includegraphics{1F4D5.pdf}}{X}} in the preamble with the respective PDF file, I am able to use emoji in the body text. However, if I put \emojione{} in the chapter title, it returns several errors.

I'm trying to display emoji characters in my chapter headings. I have tried numerous solutions, all of which do not work. I came across solutions for XeLaTeX, but unfortunately it is not compatible with other commands in my document. As for pdflatex, I came across this which seems to be the most promising, however it only displays the Unicode name and not the character itself. I also came across this package, however the installation fails.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I am using pdflatex with Shell Escape, and dvipdfmx on macOS. Here is my code:



\DeclareUnicodeCharacter {1F55A} {\clockTen}
\protected\def \clockTen {<<Clock Ten, U+1F55A>>}

\title[Electronic Circuits]{%
Electronic \par Circuits}
\author{Richard Robinson}


\chapter{Introduction ๐Ÿ•š}


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If you want the "use a pdf" method, and if you want to use a command inside sectioning titles you normally should define them so that they are robust and don't break when they wander to the toc or the header:




 \chapter{emoji \emojione}



enter image description here

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