I would like to draw a decoreted path starting at the anchor of one node and going in a specific direction for a specific distance.

I Found something like this:

\draw(node.north) -- (50:2cm);

This schould go a distance of 2cm starting at node.north and going in an angle of 50. However, this did node work in my case.

My code:

\draw[decorate,decoration={expanding waves, angle=65, segment length=8}] (stoer.north)  -- (<???>);

The aim is to go straight 3cm up. So starting at stoer.north and ending 3cm above stoer.north (however maybe other directions should also be possible)

How could this work? I also tried something like

(stoer.north) -- (stoer.north shift (0,3));

You can use relative coordinates with ++:




  \node (thisnode) at (5,10) {A};% Random coordinates just to prove functionality
  \draw (thisnode.north) -- ++ (90:3cm);
  \draw (thisnode.north) -- ++ (50:2cm);
  % One with the decorations
  \node (stoer) at (5,5) {A};% Random coordinates just to prove functionality
  \draw [decorate,decoration={expanding waves, angle=65, segment length=8}] (stoer.north) -- ++ (90:3cm);
  \draw [decorate,decoration={expanding waves, angle=65, segment length=8}] (stoer.north) -- ++ (50:2cm);


enter image description here

  • Great thank you works perfectly :) – SRel Aug 21 '18 at 13:02

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