I have the following problem. I need a header in my master thesis. I have a template for that. The fancyhdr package has problems with scrbook. Now I have found the following solution:

%\renewcommand\chaptermarkformat{\ifnumbered{chapter}{\chapapp\ \thechapter. \ }{}}





%  \fancyhf{}
%  \renewcommand{\headrulewidth}{0pt}

However, I only get a numbering, when a chapter begins. Can someone help a newbie?


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Do not use both packages scrlayer-scrpage and fancyhdr in the same document. With a KOMA-Script class scrlayer-scrpage is recommended.

I do not know how the desired layout looks like, but may be the following helps:

\usepackage{blindtext}% only for dummy text

\ihead*{\leftmark}%<- changed
\addtokomafont{pagehead}{\normalfont\sffamily\bfseries}%<- changed
\renewcommand\chaptermarkformat{\chapapp\ \thechapter. \ }% <- changed


But if you decide to use fancyhdr, then remove all scrlayer-scrpage code from your document.

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