As part of a larger project, I am trying to lower the superscript a of the following integral so that it touches the integral sign itself. Here is the code I am using:


If I make the /raisebox parameter positive, I can lift a high above the integral sign, but I'm not able to lower it at all.

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    A little question: What's the purpose of the \mathrel wrapper? – Mico Aug 22 '18 at 19:42

Interestingly, it appears you need something else in the superscriot and subscript to move the box relative to. Also, there is a limit how far it will move depending on the height and depth.



$\displaystyle x 
\int\displaylimits^{\null\raisebox{-2pt}[0pt][0pt]{$\scriptstyle a$}}_{\null\raisebox{1.2pt}[0pt][0pt]{$\scriptstyle b$}}




The result looks hideous. Don’t do it.

Why would you ever want this ugly thing:
when you can use
just fine?


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