I want to make a list similar to the following in HTML, but in LaTeX:

<dt>Things I do</dt>
<dd>Can Haz</dd>
<dd>Like trains</dd></dl>

which I would like to have look like http://jsbin.com/xutokeraka/edit?html,css,output.

What is the easiest way to generate something like that without having to define it all on my own? Or should I just define my own list style with itemize?

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    It is called description, see the enumitem package for options as to configure it. – daleif Aug 23 '18 at 11:33

Like this?


\begin{description}[style=unboxed, labelwidth=\linewidth, font =\sffamily\itshape\bfseries, listparindent =0pt, before =\sffamily]



  \item[Things I do]
        Can Haz

        Like Trains


enter image description here

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