I recently installed the tool Arara via Miktex and integrate it in Kile. When using the command it should just use pdflatex to compile the main file. However, I receive the error:

*****     arara Ausgabe: 
*****     cd "C:/Users/xxx/GDrive/WS_1819/Bachelorarbeit/_new"
*****     arara main --verbose
arara: The script engine could not be found.
arara: Data: scriptEngine="java.exe", scriptName="arara"

Anyone an idea what can cause this? If I undertsand the documentation right there is no seperate installation needed as the now provide it as a package.

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    Are you sure that you have an up-to-date java installation on your PC? You can check it by running the command java in your command prompt since the error message you posted is about the absence of the engine. – Diaa Aug 28 '18 at 12:25

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