I would like to use the enumerate environment in such a way that all the text in the listed items is fully aligned to the left, in such a way that labels are aligned to the left, and aligned to the text in the the second line. I do not manage to find the right combination of optional parameters: if I align the text to the left by using leftmargin=0pt the labels appear inside the left margin (which I want to be left blank).


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    Welcome to TeX SX! This the key wide=0pt of enumitem.
    – Bernard
    Aug 28 '18 at 15:31
  • Indeed! Thanks, I must have read a million sites and did not find that :) Problem solved.
    – Ana
    Aug 29 '18 at 7:10
  • Th better is yet to take a look at the documentation.
    – Bernard
    Aug 29 '18 at 9:36

You can use the \usepackage{enumitem}to add many options to the three environments of list.

If you want a fully-left aligned list, you can use the options :



\item \lipsum[1]

And if you don't want any indent on the item you can also use the options : labelindent=0pt allows you to change the label indent.

You can find more information about the enumitem package here.


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