I want the date to appear in the bibliography. I am using the day property but it is not working.


Example.bib contains:

  author = {test},
    institution = {test},
    day = 10,
    month = jun,
    year = 2018,
    title = {{test}},
    note = {\url{test}}

The output reference is [tes18] test. test, June 2018. test. without the day. How can ensure that the day is in the reference ?

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    The field day is not known to most (all?) BibTeX styles so it will just be ignored. The usual approach is to do something like "10~" # jun, if you must absolutely have a day. With biblatex you would have to use the date field. – moewe Aug 29 '18 at 6:21

Most BibTeX styles do not know a day field, they only know year and month. If you want to see the day in the bibliography the 'usual' trick is to add the day to the month field.

month = "10~" # jun,

See also item 2 in §2.1 (p. 2) and item 9 in §4 (p. 13) of BibTeXing (btxdoc.pdf).

The disadvantage of this approach is that you need to decide on the date format on input and the date is not formatted by your .bst style.

If you use biblatex the day field is not known either (in fact it is actively deleted, so it will be ignored), but you can use the date field to input a full date in ISO8601 format

date = {2018-06-10},

Your style and date settings should then take care of the correct formatting.

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