I have a nested tabu environment in the moderncv class




   hello & hey\\ 
   nested & \begin{tabu}{X} 


which gets me the error

|17 error| Illegal unit of measure (pt inserted). \[email protected]  \end{tabu}                       
|17 error| Missing = inserted for \ifdim. \[email protected]  \end{tabu}
|17 error| Illegal unit of measure (pt inserted). \[email protected]  \end{tabu}

It works fine if I change the class to article for example. Does anyone now the conflict with moderncv here?

  • I want to add that this worked a couple of months ago, so it might be a change in modercv. (Upgrade OpenSuSe 42.3->15.0) Aug 30, 2018 at 12:50

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The conflict is probably not with moderncv, but with the colortbl package, which gets loaded by moderncv via \RequirePackage[table]{xcolor}.

This conflict occured after an update of the colortbl package. Compare with this topic There is also a workaround for nesting with tabu.

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