I cannot compile the wacv 2019 author kit. Before this question gets closed or voted down for being "too narrow" consider the comments to this similar question. Conference templates that don't compile are a problem for potentially ~1k people.

  • Can you please add a source for the author kit? – egreg Aug 31 '18 at 9:16

The author kit contains a rogue eso-pic.sty based on a very old version of the package (2002/11/16 v1.1b). To make a comparison, TeX Live 2012 ended its life with eso-pic.sty 2010/10/06 v2.0c`.

Also, this obsolete version is further modified by adding the line


which is wrong.

Besides, wacv_eso.sty appears to be a straight copy of everyshi.sty, including

         [2001/05/15 v3.00 EveryShipout Package (MS)]

which is the cause for the warning.

It's been a while since eso-pic dropped requiring everyshy and favored atbegshi.

The solution of changing \input{wacv_eso.sty} into \RequirePackage{everyshi} is effective.

The main package wacv.sty features a funny header, where something very strange appears:

% with LaTeX2e:
% =============
% use as
%   \documentclass[times,10pt,twocolumn]{article}
%   \usepackage{latex8}
%   \usepackage{times}
% ---------------------------------------------------------------

% with LaTeX 2.09:
% ================
% use as
%   \documentstyle[times,art10,twocolumn,latex8]{article}
% ---------------------------------------------------------------

LaTeX2.09 has been obsolete for about 25 years. The call for \usepackage{latex8} will raise an error, as the package is not included in the main TeX distributions and, indeed, the example TeX file doesn't load it. Also times has been obsolete for more than 20 years and mathptmx should be used (there is better support for Times nowadays, though).

Other funny pieces:

\font\wacvtenhv  = phvb at 8pt % *** IF THIS FAILS, SEE wacv.sty ***
\font\elvbf  = ptmb scaled 1100

Using \font directly in LaTeX has been deprecated since the release of LaTeX2e in 1994.

The maintainers of the author kit should do better than just changing the year.


Apparently one solution is to replace line 26 in eso-pic.sty from




Then one needs to download the file everyshi.sty for example from github here and place it in the same folder as the eso-pic.sty file.

  • \input{wacv_eso.sty} is always wrong. – egreg Aug 31 '18 at 9:41

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