The tikzpicture environment allows to define styles in square brackets that are available within the picture. I would like to share the styles between multiple pictures to edit them in a single place. I know that this is possible with global variables, but I'd like to avoid making the styles available to all pictures. Is there a way to selectively include styles only into the picture environments where I want to use them?

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    What about newcommands?
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You can define a style that 'installs' more styles. For example, in the following MWE I define a style b that is globally available, that in turn installs/sets style c to be available. Similarly, I defined a style a that is globally available, but is overwritten by b. And finally, I defined a style e that only adjusts style a, without completely redefining it.



    a/.style={ % 'a' is globally available 
        line width=2pt,
    b/.style={ % 'b' installs 'c' and overwrites 'a'
            line width=1pt,
    e/.style={ % The 'e' style will only change 'a' a bit, but will not overwrite
        a/.append style={

        \node[a] {Text}; % 'a' is globally available

        \node[a] {Text}; % Having called 'b', 'a' is redefined
        \node[c] at (1,0) {Text}; % And 'c' is available only in this picture

        \node[a] {Text};
        %\node[c] at (2,0) {Text}; % This will not compile, 'c' is unknown here
            \node[a] at (1,0) {Text}; % In this scope, 'a' is redefined by 'b'
            \node[c] at (2,0) {Text}; % Again 'c' is available due to 'b'

        \node[a] {Text}; % Now 'a' is not completely redefined, but is changed due to 'e'

The code above results in:

enter image description here

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