I know how to put \foreach loops into tikz code, but that isn't super helpful here. I'm building a rubric and I'd like to be able to say "there are this many items in the rubric and the first one should say ..., the second one..., etc." Here's what i have currently:

    \begin{enumerate}[label = ]
    \item \line(1,0){25} \ /1 \ #1
    \item \line(1,0){25} \ /1 \ #2

I'd like it to do something like this where \ItemNumber is the number of items to enumerate and \RubricItems is a list of what each item says.

    \begin{enumerate}[label = ]
    \item \line(1,0){25} \ /1 \ #1 (first RubricItem)
    \item \line(1,0){25} \ /1 \ #2 (second RubricItem)
    \item \line(1,0){25} \ /1 \ \ItemNumber (last RubricItem)

Maybe not what you want, but something close can be achieved with \foreach

\documentclass[11pt, a4paper]{article}

\foreach \ItemNumber/\RubricItem in { 1/bla, 2/blabla, 3/blablabla}{
\item \line(1,0){25} \ /1 \ \ItemNumber \ \RubricItem


enter image description here

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