I am using following equation in latex. (I am using texmaker editor in windows)


This gives me error. But when I remove the equal sign(=), the error is gone!!

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    What error do yo get? Please note that \[...\] is preferable over $$...$$, see tex.stackexchange.com/q/503/35864 – moewe Sep 5 at 4:36
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    Welcome to TeX.SE! Any chance you are using some (unicode?) character that looks like an equality sign but isn't? – marmot Sep 5 at 4:37
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    \[...\] was unlikely to help with this issue, but it is still the right thing to use. If we should help you further we need to know the error message. – moewe Sep 5 at 4:44
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    Can we please have a full minimal example instead of just a sniplet. Then we know exactly what you are doing. And we don't have to guess. – daleif Sep 5 at 5:21
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    so that means that the text on line 116 of the source sticks in to the right margin of the output by 32pt, this seems highly unlikely to be changed by changing a display math which stands on a line on its own from E=mc2 to Emc2. So it would appear that you have not shown your real input, or a full error message or any output, which makes it hard to help. – David Carlisle Sep 5 at 7:01

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