I am using xskak 1.7 package developped by Ulrike Fischer. It's a very clean way to write my book about chess.

My problem is I am always forced to show the beginning of the mainline of my game to use the xskak typo. And it's not the purpose of my writing. For example I would like to show directly the mainline from the move number 16 of my fen previously loaded and hide the first 15 ones to the reader :

"text... (no move showed to the reader)

\def\myfen{r1b2rk1/p3bpp1/1pn1p2p/q3P3/8/2PB1N2/PB2QPPP/R4RK1 w - - 0 16} 

and white play \mainline{16.Qd4...} (showing the continuation to the reader, from fen move number 16) but it doesn't work (number wrong but i tried 16 16... 17 17.... nothing works).

Thanks for your help.

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    Make a complete example that can be used for tests. Sep 7, 2018 at 18:03

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You can set the starting position with the chessboard keys, but you must set the moveid additionally:

\def\myfen{r1b2rk1/p3bpp1/1pn1p2p/q3P3/8/2PB1N2/PB2QPPP/R4RK1 w - - 0 16} 

\mainline{16. Qe4}



enter image description here

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