I'm currently writing my bachelor thesis (in german) and have a problem using biblatex-chicago.

Its overall running fine except a little detail i cant figure out how to fix: When i use the german localization the footnote looks like this:

Vgl. Arno Herzig, „Die ersten Kinderarbeitsschutzgesetze in Preußen: Ursachen und Folgen“, in Straßenkinder und Kinderarbeit: sozialisationstheoretische, historische und kulturvergleichende Studien, hrsg. Christel Adick (Frankfurt am Main: IKO-Verlag für Interkulturelle Kommunikation, 1997), 30.

The editor "hrsg." should be either "Hrsg." or "hrsg. von" but i have no idea how to change it like that.

I really hope some kind person has a solution for this.

  • Does this work \DefineBibliographyStrings{ngerman}{editor = {Hrsg.},editors = {Hrsg.}}? If not, please provide a MWE.
    – Jojo
    Commented Sep 9, 2018 at 18:16
  • Not the exact thing but \DefineBibliographyStrings{ngerman}{cbyeditor = {Hrsg.},editors = {Hrsg.}} did the trick. Thanks very much!
    – dieterler
    Commented Sep 10, 2018 at 3:00

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You need to adjust the cbyeditor string to do this in biblatex-chicago. You may want to do this for other cby… strings also as in general they seem to use lowercase without von. See cms-ngerman.lbx for a list of relevant strings.

You modify strings for a particular language using the \DefineBibliographyStrings macro. See §3.9 of the biblatex manual for usage.

I don't speak German, so I hope the following MWE has set up the bib entry correctly.


  author = {Herzig, Arno},
  title = {Die ersten Kinderarbeitsschutzgesetze in Preußen},
  subtitle = {Ursachen und Folgen},
  booktitle = {Straßenkinder und Kinderarbeit},
  booksubtitle = {sozialisationstheoretische, historische und kulturvergleichende Studien},
  editor = {Adick, Christel},
  location = {Frankfurt am Main},
  publisher = {IKO-Verlag für Interkulturelle Kommunikation},
  date = {1997}
  cbyeditor = {hsrg\adddotspace von}

enter image description here

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