I'm having problem when I tried to cite an online website in my article. It does not show url info at all. Here is my example code showing the problem:



I'm citing  \cite{SolarData} for ...



where xx is my bib file as follows:

    title = {Key Figures},
    url = {https://www.transnetbw.com/en/transparency/market-data/key-figures},
    date = {2018},
    urldate = {2018-09-01}

The output is for reference as follows:

References [1] Key figures.

Can anybody help me, please? Thanks,


Simply you have the wrong bibliographic style to show the URL field. Change plain by IEEEtran for instance. This should show:

[1] Key figures. [Online]. Available: https://...

Or by vancouver

[1] Key Figures. Available from: https://...

Or by ChemEurJ

[1] Key Figures. https://...

Or by tufte

[1] "Key Figures", URL https://...

Or by plainurl

[1] Key figures. URL: https://...


If you want also show the urldate your will had to search another styles or make your own style. See urldate in BibTeX gets ignored.

  • It worked when I change the bibliographic style and delete all related existing files other than main tex and bib file. Thanks for the answer.
    – Fred
    Sep 10 '18 at 14:08

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