\documentclass[12pt, titlepage,twoside]{scrbook}
\usepackage[a4paper, inner = 37.5 mm, outer = 17.5mm, top = 35mm, bottom = 35mm]{geometry}

\fancyhf[REF,LOF]{\includegraphics[width = 5.11cm, height=1.35cm]{Image.png}}





When I compile, there are problems with the lines of Chapters and Table of contents.


The correct fancyhdr syntax would be

\fancyhf[REF,LOF]{\includegraphics[width = 5.11cm, height=1.35cm]{example-image}}


\fancyfoot[RE,LO]{\includegraphics[width = 5.11cm, height=1.35cm]{example-image}}

Then the image is in the inner footer and the page number is in the outer footer on both chapter pages and normal document pages.

The letters in the optional argument mean: H head, F foot, E even pages, O odd pages, L left, R right.

\fancyhf[H]{...} does the same as \fancyhead{...}.

Note that with page style fancyplain chapter pages uses the same page style as the other normal pages: page style fancyplain. If there should be a difference you can use eg.


Additional remark: It is recommended to use package scrlayer-scrpage for header and footer in KOMA-Script documents.

\ifoot*{\includegraphics[width = 5.11cm, height=1.35cm]{example-image}}
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