I just want to have a reference of an item from my appendix like this [see appendix D] or [see appendix F] and the D and F should be not manually be written, instead it should get that from the \ref command.

Now so far I got this:


Some important text \ref{appendix:One}
\section{Appendix Name}

which produces text like this:

Some important text [A]

That is pretty close to what I want, now I thought I could add onw text into the \ref command, but I read that I have to use hyperref, so I tried it with this:

Some important text \hyperref[appendix:One]{see Appendix}

which lead to:

Some important text see Appendix

No brackets, no A, nothing. Now this is way worse than before. I just want to add "see Appendix" into the normal [A] referencing.


Don't use the hyperref package.

Create a new macro for your appendix referencing:

\newcommand*{\appref}[1]{[see appendix \ref{#1}]}

and use \appref instead of \ref when you want to refer to an appendix.

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