It appears that there is no such try and catch blocks in algorithm2e. Is there a way to add custom blocks for try and catch in algorithm2e?

There is a solution in GitHub which shows how this can be done using the algorithmicx/algpseudocode package. I would like to do this in algorithm2e.


Took a better look at the docs and found an applicable solution:
The suffix and end parts are optional

A minimum working example (MWE):

\usepackage[linesnumbered, ruled]{algorithm2e}


  \Input{Array $a$ and index $i$}
  \Output{what the procedure returns}

    $v \gets a[i]$
    $v \gets -1$
  \Return $v$
  \caption{Exception handling code}



enter image description here

  • Does anyone else think it would be better without the colon suffix? – Ébe Isaac Sep 15 '18 at 3:11

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