I would like to know if it is possible to specify another country than my home country as the reference for the tag \today. I need to submit works in a different time zone so when I submit it, sometimes the day isn't right any more in this specific country since the reference for the tag \today is another time zone's country.


I think that I misunderstood your question as at first I thougtht that you wanted to be able to switch the language that is used by the \today command. Inspired partly by this post, if this is what you want then you can do this using the datetime2 package:


    \selectlanguage{french} \today

    \selectlanguage{british} \today


This produces:

enter image description here

Rereading your question, it seems that, instead, you want to change the actual time that is used this looks a little trickier...

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    @marmot Yes, I agree -- see my last comment:) Was planning to come back and answer the real question when I finish doing what I am supposed to be doing now... – Andrew Sep 16 '18 at 5:13

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