I'm looking for a way to get rid of round brackets in footnotes (around publishers) which are automatically generated using the biblatex-chicago package.

Any suggestions how this could be done? I would like the book citation to appear without brackets, pretty much as it would in the bibliography (here: "John L. Austin. How to do things with words. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1975.").

\documentclass[12pt,pagesize=auto, titlepage=on]{scrartcl}


Example of Problem


In order to do this, you need to adjust the macro that prints the location, publisher, and year. For @book entry types this is the macro cpubl+loc+year.

Depending on the entry types you use, you may have to adjust other macros as well to make things consistent. You can find the macros you need in chicago-notes.cbx.

In this MWE, I just comment out the part that includes parentheses so you can see what is going on. You also need to replace the \setunit{\addspace} with \newcunit to ensure that a comma is inserted before the location.

\renewbibmacro*{cpubl+loc+year}{% Revised for reprint
    test {\iflistundef{location}}%
    test {\iflistundef{publisher}}%
    test {\iffieldundef{year}}%
    not togl {cms@reprint}%
  {%\setunit{\addspace}% <- replace with \newcunit
   %\printtext[parens]{% <- remove parentheses
        togl {cms@reprint}%
        not test{\ifentrytype{video}}%
    %} <- remove parentheses

Filler text \autocite{kullback}.

enter image description here

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