I would like to combine the benefits of fnpct with the tufte-book document class. I heavily rely on manually adjusting some footnotes according to

\sidenote[][1cm]{my sidenote text}

in the tufte document class because my document contains a lot of margin material. Unfortunately, I get an error when trying this together with fnpct (according to Figure 9 in this document).

Some text in the document body\sidenote[][1cm]{Some 6 text in a sidenote.}.

Any help is greatly appreciated. This question is similar but many even more involved, hence my simple MWE. I tried playing around with the AdaptNote command but no luck so far.


Using the suggested \AdaptNote\sidenote\multsidenote gives me the following error ! File ended while scanning use of \__fnpct_read_note_with_option:w.

The following options do work:

% kerning without multiple notes


% kerning with multiple notes, yet no multiple footnotemarks

Following this logic I would assume this last examples works as well, but it raises the same error as the suggested commands in the fnpct manual.

% errors
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