I am using the following command for biblatex


Can you please tell me how to superscript or subscript the citations in the text?

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    \supercite? But please try to give us a full minimal example code we can play with. I have a feeling you may actually want a bit more than that given your many loading options.
    – moewe
    Sep 19 '18 at 15:51

For superscript citations there is \supercite (defined for all numeric standard styles).

There is no \subcite for subscript citations (not that I have ever seen that), but it can be implemented as a straightforward adaption of \supercite. Do keep in mind that the definition of \supercite is style dependent, so the code below only works for (cite)style=numeric-comp.


\usepackage[backend=biber, bibstyle=ieee, citestyle=numeric-comp,
  sorting=none, labeldateparts,
  maxbibnames=99, maxcitenames=2, mincitenames=1]{biblatex} 

      \blx@warning{Nested superscript}%

     {\BibliographyWarning{Ignoring prenote argument}}%
     {\BibliographyWarning{Ignoring postnote argument}}}


Lorem\supercite{sigfridsson} ipsum\supercite{worman}

Lorem\subcite{sigfridsson} ipsum\subcite{geer}


Lorem1 ipsum2 dolor1 (all numbers in superscript position)//Lorem1 ipsum3 dolor1 (all numbers in subscript position)//full bibliography follows with 1 sigfridsson, 2 worman, 3 geer

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