Is it possible to define custom cell spacing in longtable?


    one & two\\
    three & four\\
    five & six\\

I would like to have the cells three and four to be 3cm high while the other cells remain as they are. How would I do that?

  • I did find a way to do it using \rule{0pt}{25pt} at every line beginning. Not quite so pretty, but as a workaround it does the trick. I am still open to better solutions, if anyone has an idea.
    – Socrates
    Commented Sep 19, 2018 at 22:08

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With longtblr enviroment of the new LaTeX3 package tabularray, it is easy to set row heights.




  caption = {My First Long Table},
  label = {not:long},
  colspec = {|Q[l,8cm]|Q[l,8cm]|},
  hlines, vlines,
  one   & two  \\
  \SetRow{3cm,rowsep=0pt} three & four \\
  five  & six \\


enter image description here

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