I am trying to produce a three-sets Venn diagram illustrating my research agenda and my published work. I am having a hard time including the comments inside the circles, particularly regarding the location of the text.

This is what I am looking for: Venn Diagram

Here is my current code:



\begin{tikzpicture}[venncircle/.style={draw, circle, minimum size=30em, align=center}, node distance=17em] 
    \node[venncircle] (circle1) {10};    
    \node[venncircle, right of=circle1] (circle2) {6};
    \node (MN) at ($(circle1)!0.5!(circle2)$){9};
    \node[venncircle, below of=MN, yshift=3em] (circle3) {};    
    \node (ML)  at ($(circle1)!0.5!(circle3)$){5};  
    \node (NL)  at ($(circle2)!0.5!(circle3)$){4};   
    \node (MNL)  at ($(MN)!0.3!(circle3)$){2};
    \node (Lleft) [below of=ML, yshift=5em] {16};
    \node (Lright) [below of=NL, yshift=5em] {21};
    \node (outtoprightnum) [above right of=circle2, yshift=4em, xshift=-7em] {\textbf{\textit{\large Comparative Political Institutions}}};
    \node (U)[above left of=circle1, xshift=7em, yshift=4em]    {\textbf{\textit{\large Comparative Political Economy}}};
    \node (M)[above of=circle1, yshift=-4em]{\textbf{}};
    \node (N)[above of=circle2, yshift=-4em]{\textbf{}};
    \node (L)[below right of=circle3, yshift=-4em, xshift=-12em]{\textbf{\textit{\large Political Methodology / Formal     Theory}}};


Also, if the name of the article is too big (for example, the title of Article 9 in the above Figure), how could I break the line to fit the entire title of the article?


I will be happy to adjust. I am stuck because the labels appearing in your code and on your desired screen shot differ, and I think you want to use those of your code. However, I am not sure, so I stopped at some point.

The main things I did change are

  • Switch to positioning syntax (and load the corresponding library). The positioning syntax is e.g. right=1mm of ... instead of right of=.... This way of positioning is IMHO truly superior to the built-in one.

  • Introduce text width where appropriate.




\begin{tikzpicture}[venncircle/.style={draw, circle, minimum size=22em,
 align=center}, node distance=12em] 
    \node[venncircle] (circle1) {Article 10};    
    \node[venncircle, right=-2cm of circle1] (circle2) {Article 6};
    \node (MN) at ($(circle1)!0.5!(circle2)+(0,2em)$){Article 9};
    \node[venncircle, below=3em of MN] (circle3) {Article 7};    
    \node (ML)  at ($(circle1)!0.5!(circle3)$){Article 5};  
    \node (NL)  at ($(circle2)!0.5!(circle3)$){Article 4};   
    \node (MNL)  at ($(MN)!0.35!(circle3)$){Article 2};
    \node (Lleft) at ($(circle3.center)+(-135:7em)$) {Article 16};
    \node (Lright) at ($(circle3.center)+(-45:7em)$) {Article 21};
    \node (outtoprightnum) [above=1mm of circle2,font=\itshape\bfseries\large,text width=4cm] 
     {Comparative Political Institutions};
    \node (U)[above=1mm of circle1,font=\itshape\bfseries\large,text width=4cm]    {Comparative Political Economy};
%     \node (M)[above=1mm of circle1, yshift=-4em]{\textbf{}};
%     \node (N)[above=1mm of circle2, yshift=-4em]{\textbf{}};
    \node (L)[below=1mm of circle3,font=\itshape\bfseries\large,text width=6cm]
     {Political Methodology / Formal Theory};


enter image description here

  • I have a black background. How to turn the circles and the text into white at once? – Thiago Sep 20 '18 at 0:56
  • 1
    @Thiago Just add fill=white : venncircle/.style={draw, circle, minimum size=22em, align=center} -> venncircle/.style={draw, circle, minimum size=22em, align=center,fill=white} and the same in the last 3 nodes which have ,text width : ,text width -> ,fill=white,text width. – user121799 Sep 20 '18 at 2:09
  • 1
    Thank you @marmot. I also discovered that adding the following code before \begin{document} works: \usepackage{xcolor} \usepackage{pagecolor} \pagecolor{black} \color{white}. – Thiago Sep 20 '18 at 2:43

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