I'm trying to create a system of equations with sub-numbering using the \begin{subnumcases} environment. Everything works perfectly but I would need to place a label somewhere in order to ref the system itself using the main number assigned to it, without having to ref one equation of it.

This is my code:

    \frac{d\psi}{d\zeta} = \frac{m_1}{y_1\prime}(x_1-\beta y_1\prime) \label{eq:dpsidz}
    \frac{dx_i}{d\zeta} = \frac{m_i}{\psi y_i\prime}(x_i-y_i\prime)(x_i-\beta y_i\prime) \qquad \forall i=1,...,C-1 \label{eq:dxdz}
    0 = y_1\prime (x_j-\beta y_j\prime)-\alpha_{1j}y_j\prime(x_1-\beta y_1\prime) \qquad \forall j=2,...,C \label{eq:algeb1}
    0 = \sum_{i=1}^{C}y_i\prime -1 \label{eq:algeb2}
    \psi|_{\zeta=0} = 1
    x_i|_{\zeta=0} = x_i^F \qquad \forall i=1,...,C
The system illustrated in \ref{eq:system} is a \textsc{dae} system with a differential index equal to 1.

As you can see, I've tried to place the label{eq:system} inside the environment, before the first equation, but when I ref it in text it appears the name of the first equation. If the system equations are labelled 1.1a, 1.1b etc., I would like to ref the system as 1.1. I hope I was clear in explaining my issue. Thank you


You can use empheq together with amsmath and its subequations environment.



  &\frac{d\psi}{d\zeta} = \frac{m_1}{y_1'}(x_1-\beta y_1') \label{eq:dpsidz}
  &\frac{dx_i}{d\zeta} = \frac{m_i}{\psi y_i'}(x_i-y_i')(x_i-\beta y_i')
    \qquad \forall i=1,\dots,C-1 \label{eq:dxdz}
  &0 = y_1' (x_j-\beta y_j')-\alpha_{1j}y_j'(x_1-\beta y_1')
    \qquad \forall j=2,\dots,C \label{eq:algeb1}
  &0 = \sum_{i=1}^{C}y_i' -1 \label{eq:algeb2}
  &\psi|_{\zeta=0} = 1
  &x_i|_{\zeta=0} = x_i^F \qquad \forall i=1,\dots,C
The system illustrated in \ref{eq:system} is a \textsc{dae} system 
with a differential index equal to~$1$.


With hyperref the anchor will be immediately above the system.

enter image description here

A couple of stylistic notes:

  1. instead of ... you should input \dots;
  2. instead of \prime you should use ^{\prime} or the easier ' (apostrophe) as in the code above.
  • thank you, that solved the problem!! and thanks for the other tips as well! – Diego Sep 21 '18 at 10:02

Try putting \label{eq:system} inside the empty bracket next to \begin{subnumcases} as shown below. then you can refer it properly.

  • Thanks!! Now it works almost fine. The referred name is right, the only problem is that when I click on the referred eq. (i use hyperref) the position it shows me is not the system's position, but higher in the page. To be clear: the system is labelled 3.13 and when i click on it it sends me to eq. 3.12 which is before the system of course. – Diego Sep 20 '18 at 10:56
  • That might be because you have really long equations, you could try using breaqn, as suggested in this post tex.stackexchange.com/questions/133773/… , also accept the answer to know others the problem is solved, thank you – Komal Pathade Sep 20 '18 at 11:12

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