I have already downloaded MiKTeX and TeXStudio and I would like to know how to run them.

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    Welcome to TeX.SX! So you have downloaded them, but did you install them (MikTeX first, then TeXStudio)? Because if you installed both, you could run TeX Studio from the Start Menu. – TeXnician Sep 20 '18 at 18:58

As per TeXnician comment above you need to have installed in the best order. If you installed TeXstudio first its best to re-install it, after you update MiKTeX. For guidance with MiKTeX installation (including system-wide distribution) see current user manual & FAQs NOTE the installation manual STRONGLY advises a single user install (To be clear. If you are a super user just install as 1 user, if you have 2 or more users then chose if its easier for 2 single users to update, rather than having to update 3 or more times (once as administrator plus yourself as user plus all the other system-wide users.)

If you are trying to install in a portable fashion, I recommend you do a standard install first to check how it works, then for portable installation guidance see configuring portable texstudio-to-use-miktex portable

For help with TeXstudio installation (in English only) see user manual

When you start-up TeXstudio it recognise the installed MiKTeX and make some alterations to work with it. Once TeXstudio is running you can usually use the menu Help > User Manual (in my case I can not since its blocked by browser security settings) so I use the user manual link above.

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