I am writing my phd thesis in Albanian language. And I am encountering some issues with citations into the text. I would like to replace Levinsohn and Petrin (2003) into Levinsohn dhe Petrin (2003).

do you have any suggestions?

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  • \documentclass[12pt]{mitthesis} \usepackage{natbib} \usepackage[english]{babel} \begin{document} \include{contents} \include{chap1} \include{chap2} \include{biblio} \end{document} ii use as well \bibliographystyle{chicagoa} \bibliography{referencaphd} where one of my articles is @article{de2014firm, title={Firm performance in a global market}, author={De Loecker, Jan and Goldberg, Pinelopi Koujianou}, journal={Annu. Rev. Econ.}, volume={6}, number={1}, pages={201--227}, year={2014}, publisher={Annual Reviews} }
    – Klodi Gj
    Sep 20 '18 at 22:52

You will need to create your own bibtex style to do this, but this need not be as painful as it sounds. Indeed, here is a post which does some simple customization, and we'll use that as a template here: How to suppress some fields in abbrv.bst

You haven't specified which bibliographystyle you want to use. I'll work with abbrv here, but the same principal applies to others.

  1. Make a copy of abbrv.bst somewhere that TeX will be able to find it (e.g. the same folder as your .tex file if you don't want to play with texmf trees), and name it something like abbrv-alb.bst. [You can find abbrv.bst in your tex installation, or you can download it from here: https://ctan.org/tex-archive/biblio/bibtex/base?lang=en ]
  2. Open abbrv-alb.bst in a plain text editor, and find the following piece of code:

FUNCTION {format.names}
{ 's :=
  #1 'nameptr :=
  s num.names$ 'numnames :=
  numnames 'namesleft :=
    { namesleft #0 > }
    { s nameptr "{f.~}{vv~}{ll}{, jj}" format.name$ 't :=
      nameptr #1 >
        { namesleft #1 >
            { ", " * t * }
            { numnames #2 >
                { "," * }
              t "others" =
                { " et~al." * }
                { " and " * t * }
      nameptr #1 + 'nameptr :=
      namesleft #1 - 'namesleft :=
  1. Replace the line { " and " * t * } with (in your case) { " dhe " * t * }. Save the .bst file and close it.

  2. In your .tex file, be sure to replace \bibliographystyle{abbrv} with \bibliographystyle{abbrv-alb}, before re-compiling with latex, bibtex, latex, latex.

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    Postscript: A broader guide to doing this more generally can be found on this great post: tex.stackexchange.com/questions/12806/…
    – rbrignall
    Sep 20 '18 at 23:25
  • thank you for your comment, I was trying the same thing.. is it possible that I don't have at all in my folder a chicagoa.bst file??
    – Klodi Gj
    Sep 20 '18 at 23:27
  • I only saw your comment after writing my answer. Perhaps save a copy of this file: ftp.math.utah.edu/pub/tex/bibtex/chicagoa.bst
    – rbrignall
    Sep 20 '18 at 23:29
  • I should mention that in my folder I don't have a chicagoa.bst file... is it possible?? I have a chicagoa.tex file..in this file I made all the correction as proposed above, but now I lost all my citations and all my bibliography at the end of the document..
    – Klodi Gj
    Sep 21 '18 at 9:30

I'm working in overleaf and cant change any bst file. How can do that. Maybe changing the natbib with biblatex? enter image description here

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