I am trying to format some large commutative diagrams (using the \xymatrix command) that involve colimits, and I would like to have the indexing information for the colimits appear underneath the word "colim" rather than as a subscript of "colim" (to save space).

I have a command $\DeclareMathOperator*{\mocolim}{colim}$ which solves this problem for ordinary displayed equations (inside the equation environment, say). In other words, the command $\begin{equation} \mocolim_{n\rightarrow \infty} f(n) \end{equation}$ puts the symbols $n\rightarrow \infty$ underneath the word colim.

However, if I use the same command inside \xymatrix, the subscript $n\rightarrow \infty$ is displayed as a subscript, down and to the right of the word colim (just as would happen in ordinary mathmode).

How can I fix this?


Entries in \xymatrix are typeset in \textstyle mode, so the "solution" would be to say

\mocolim\limits_{n\rightarrow \infty}

but this may have adverse effects on vertical alignment of entries.

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