I am creating a document, in which I need a List of Abbreviations. I liked the style alttree, so I use it.

Now, I want to change the distance between the entries in the LOA, so to say change the \parskip value locally.

I found a solution myself with the help of an answer to this question, which is shown in the MWE below. Problem: neither am I sure that this does not potentially crash something else, nor do I know if its the best way to do it, so these would be my questions here.



\usepackage[acronym, nomain, nonumberlist, nogroupskip]{glossaries}

\newacronym[sort=WHO]{WHO}{WHO}{World Health Organisation}
\newacronym[sort=EDS]{EDS}{EDS}{Energy dispersive spectroscopy}
\newacronym[sort=LaTeX]{LaTeX}{LaTeX}{Lamport TeX}


%%%% This here is the part I added

 \printacronyms[style=modalttree, title={List of Acronyms}]

Result with alttree-style (former result): enter image description here

Result with modded modalttree-style (MWE above): enter image description here

You can see, at least it works. But, e.g. the distance between the heading and the first entry increases also, which has not been intended. So, is this somehow a correct way to deal with this? It's the first time I did some "hacky" thing in LaTex, so my experience is shallow. Thanks for your suggestions, e.g. such that improve the above-mentioned circumstance. :)

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