I am using aastex class with twocolumn option for an article.


I want my first section to start right after the abstract which is in a single-column format. I tried the multicol option but it is not recognized. I have also tried this solution, which gives me error in the \twocolumn[ usage. How can I fix that?

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    aastex is meant for submissions to journals of the American Astronomical Society; they decide how a paper should be typeset. With aastex62, I get the expected output. – egreg Sep 27 '18 at 17:31
  • ...also, V6.2 is available. – Werner Sep 27 '18 at 17:34
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    as others have said, this page break was a "feature/bug" in 6.1; it is fixed in 6.2 (I'm one of the editorial staff for the AAS) – Gus Sep 27 '18 at 17:44
  • @Gus, I tried the 6.2 and it works. If you write an answer I will be happy to accept it. Thanks. – Py-ser Sep 27 '18 at 17:50

The page break after the abstract was a feature/bug in v6.1 (see closed issue #38 here). It has been fixed/reverted in v6.2.

(I am one of the Data Editors/AASTeX managers for the AAS Journals)

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