I had got the same problem as in this question: Overfull vbox with scrbook and setspacing

Adding \recalctypearea after \usepackage[onehalfspacing]{setspace} cleared the warnings, but I have a follow up question:

In my document I use \singlespacing twice. First inside \begin{titlepage} ... \end{titlepage} and later inside \begin{multicols}{2} ... \end{multicols}.

Should \recalctypearea be called after each of these uses? The \begin{multicols}{2} ... \end{multicols} does not fill a complete page (the titlepage of course does).

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Unfortunately there a MWE that could show a real existing problem is missing. So I'll try a theoretical answer.

IMO, you should not recalculate the size of the typing area in this case.

Title pages usually have enough glue to compensate the half line that could cause an underfull \vbox. If not, you can add some glue, e.g., at the end of the title page using \vspace*{0pt plus 0.5\baselineskip}. You also could ignore a warning because of an underfull \vbox on the title page. Or you could use \enlargethispage to enlarge or even shrink the size of the title page.

And if you multicols environments do not fill a complete page. They just should be handled like other special displayed material too. You should add some glue before or after them. But you don't need to do so on your own. multicol already adds \multicolsep before (and after) a multicols environment. This default to 12pt plus 4pt minus 3pt so it has enough glue.

With other words: If you do not get any underfull \vbox message, you don't need to do anything. If you get such messages and if you want to get rid of them, you can avoid them adding some extra glue or enlarging a page or use other usual methods of avoiding underfull \vboxes.

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