How to avoid new line jump after each tcolorbox ?



function Table (n)
    for i=1,10

        \Large\hfill\textsf{Table de #1}\hfill\strut}},%
    \end{tcolorbox} bob}


\foreach \i in {1,...,5} {\Table{\i}}

  • Try with the option nobeforeafter --- worked for me. Maybe with the hbox option too.
    – Rmano
    Oct 1 '18 at 8:33
  • 1
    Ok for me. Thank you. Consider to write an answser.
    – Tarass
    Oct 1 '18 at 8:53

Normally tcolorbox try to typeset the box as a paragraph; to do that sets the keys before and after to a value that is dependent on the presence or not of the package parskip (guessed, really). Typically they are something like:

before={\par\pagebreak[0]\smallskip\parindent=0pt}, after={\par\smallskip}

If you want to clear the default values, use the key nobeforeafter; in the manual (pag. 78 in my copy, version 4.12) it states:

Abbreviation for clearing the keys before and after. The colored box is not put into a paragraph and there is no space before or after the box.

Moreover, the option hbox is needed sometime; this will size the box according to the content (and no the other way around; pag. 94):

capture=hbox: This is the default mode for \tcbox. The content cannot have a lower part and cannot be broken. The colored box is sized according to the dimensions of the content. A shortcut to set this mode is /tcb/hbox.

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